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About Us

Welcome to Blue Horizons Inc., a division of Quest National Security, providing exceptional instructional aides to school districts in Southern California. We are dedicated to supporting Special Education (SPED) programs and addressing the challenges faced by school districts in sourcing and managing instructional aides.

Our program offers highly qualified and trained level 3 instructional aides (Instructional Aide - Behavioral Aide – Sensory Aide) to assist and work with students with special needs. We understand the importance of providing support to students with special needs and the role that instructional aides play in providing a supportive learning environment.

At Blue Horizons, we conduct a thorough recruitment and screening process, followed by high-level background and reference checks accredited and licensed by DOJ and BSIS. We invest in sourcing, recruiting, qualifying, and training instructional aides to ensure that school districts receive the best possible support for their students. Our instructional aides receive ongoing training and retraining to stay up to date with the latest techniques and practices in working with students with special needs.

We have a tight multi-layer supervision model ensuring that our instructional aides are always motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. We utilize cutting-edge software to manage schedules, attendance, time sheets, journals, notifications, and reports for our instructional aides. This software provides our management as well as the school district management with real-time information on the activities and performance of our aides, allowing them to make informed decisions and adjust their approach as needed.

Our competitive advantage lies in hiring only the most qualified SPED personnel, utilizing step-by-step on boarding, and employing multiple layers of management and supervision. We also provide assigned single points of contact from high-level management and 24-hour customer service center for additional support whenever the school district needs it.

Blue Horizons personnel and company are fully insured, licensed, and certified. We provide a Performance Review Program designed to quantify and qualify our service performance quarterly, enabling us to identify operational issues and resolve them before they become "real issues."

At Blue Horizons, we strive to provide school districts with highly qualified and well-trained instructional aides who have the necessary skills and knowledge to work with students with special needs. We assist school districts in overcoming the challenges they face in sourcing and managing instructional aides and provide the best possible education and support to students with special needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your school district's SPED program.

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